Irrigation for Schools

Is your school considering irrigation for the green areas or sports fields? We are here to help and we can organise irrigation works for you. We have years of experience and we know that you may be eligible for a grant, we have helped many schools by providing assistance with grant applications.


It takes special skills to decide the layout of the green areas, where it needs to be, and deciding what type of irrigation to use. We design for water efficiency and we have the knowledge to select the right irrigation system for you.

There are a variety of services that can be done for school irrigation programs such as individual planting zones and controllers/timers to manage the design of the irrigation. We allow for you to adjust settings and manage your irrigation system as needed.

Schools like to make sure that they hire a professional when doing any irrigation works, this is simply because it can be a challenge or overwhelming to someone inexperienced people. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed in our customer service and professionalism.

As you can see, we at Garrett Irrigation have completed a number of irrigation projects for schools. We are highly professional and well staffed for all of your school irrigation needs. Contact us to find out more information and to get a FREE quote on your next irrigation project.

Our Work

Irrigation across entire Schools

Irrigation across entire Schools

We have completed Irrigation across entire schools at Amberley State School, Bremmer state school, Cupania State School, John Paul College, Moreton Bay Girls College, Moreton Bay Boys College, Ormiston College, Redlands College, Sheldon College, Springfield Lakes State School, Stretton College, West Pacific Pines State School, Springfield state primary and Springfield state high school.
Irrigation to stages of schools

Irrigation to stages of schools

We have completed Irrigation to stages of schools at Brisbane Girls Grammar, Bundamba State School, Carina State School , Centenary High School, Crestmead State School, Eden’s Landing State School, Forest Lake State School, Iron side State School, Marshal Road State School, North Lakes College, St Francis College, Sandgate High School, Toowong Sate School, Upper Coomera College, Woodcrest College and West Moreton Anglican College.
Storm water harvesting to schools

Storm water harvesting to schools

We have completed storm water harvesting to schools at Newfarm State school, Ironside State school, Toowong State school, Corinda State High School, Sandgate State High school, Upper Coomera State High school, Moreton Bay Girls and Boys College, Redlands College, Sheldon College, Plus many more large and small projects including Residential Properties.

Did you know that the government typically provides grants to schools and sport clubs to help improve their fields and grass areas? Make sure to find out if you have any grants to get started on your irrigation project.

Typically there is a budget for school and sport fields that is set aside for projects like this. Contact Us now for more information and assistance.